19in. Artificial Boxwood Topiary Balls - Indoor

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Design elegant interiorscapes using Fake Boxwood Hedge Balls. With a commercial-quality synthetic this realistic, the faux plant alternative hardly feels contrived. In fact, round topiaries are so lifelike that many high-end properties actually prefer their low-maintenance efficacy to the challenges of live planting.

Boxwood topiary balls are available in a range of sizes including this generous 19"D hedge. Mix and match proportions to achieve the desired visual effect, like boxwood spheres atop tall tapered planters to draw the eye vertically. The hardy texture of greenery offers a nice visual complement to rustic surfaces, or counterpoint to smoother surfaces, so the aesthetic balance can be whatever a design calls for. And for temporary and special event decor, keep boxwood in mind to create simple, yet sophisticated, centerpieces and accents.

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Diameter 19"
Color Green
Shape Sphere
Species Boxwood
Type Topiary
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