Buying Guide: Event Design with Artificial Plants Unlimited

Event Design with Artificial Plants and TreesEvent Design with Artificial Plants and Trees

Bringing the outside in is a great way to set the right mood for an event. Is your nightclub planning a Caribbean themed beach party? What better way to get the rum drinks flowing than to add some palm trees. How about a venue that has booked an English Garden wedding? Intricately sculpted shrubbery incorporated into the decorations will have guests looking around for the Queen herself.

Is it practical?  It can be with Artificial Plants!

In both of these cases, while the idea of using plants to add ambiance and a sense of place to the party seems like a great idea, the reality is that the ongoing care it would take to keep these plants looking perfect makes it unrealistic.

Luckily, event planners and their venues can count on artificial plants to provide the best of both worlds. Modern artificial plants look authentic enough to fool all but the master gardeners in a crowd, while needing nothing more than the occasional dusting to keep them looking great.

For the beach party, a few Sago Palms would put guests into an island state of mind in mere moments. Rated for outdoor use, meaning they are protected from damaging UV rays, these palms will last for years. Moving on to the English Garden wedding, a mix of artificial Spiral Topiaries and Ball Topiaries would set the perfect mood. In the natural world, these designs would take years to train and maintain, but for your next event, all you need to do is roll them out of storage.

Help with Handling Large Spaces

Putting on small events in large spaces is a constant problem for many venues. Experienced event planners have to find ways to make wide-open venues feel intimate. Indoor/Outdoor artificial plants offer the perfect solution to the problem.

For outdoor spaces an artificial Azalea Living Wall or an Azalea Trellis is a great choice. Durable and beautiful, these dividers are available in a variety sizes to fit any space. For a little more flexibility you could use a Commercial Space Divider with a planter as its base. Just add some artificial plants and this divider is perfect for directing traffic, hiding eyesores, or creating privacy. Hedges and planters can be custom manufactured to nearly any size your venue might need.

Artificial Topiaries and Artificial TreesArtificial Topiaries and Artificial Trees

Flexible, Hassle Free

The key to success for hotels, casinos, or any other venue hosting events is the ability to cater to a wide audience and make quick changes between events. By stocking up on a variety of artificial trees and plants, a venue can be easily set up for any kind of event and change over for the next one with ease. Some venues are even able to rent out their artificial plants to clients, adding a revenue stream to their business.

Artificial Plants Azaella TrellisesArtificial Plants Azaella Trellises

Now that you're filled with ideas for ways to spruce up your event venue for its next booking it's time to get shopping. Click your way over to Artificial Plants Unlimited today to check out our huge selection of commercial-quality indoor and outdoor artificial plants, trees, and green walls.

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