2.5' or 4' Elephant's Ear

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If you love the look and feel of indoor potted plants, but you don't have time to maintain one, then might we suggest: The 4' Dieffenbachia Plant - eliminate the need for soil, pipes, drainage, bugs, replanting or dead and dried foliage. It boasts a durable and long lasting plant décor appearance, newly designed for a more realistic look, while offering excellent ground cover when used in an indoor setting. This plant is as easy to maintain as it sounds. Just wipe or dust it off regularly, and that's it. It required virtually zero upkeep, as it won't require you to water, prune, or clean up after it. But this doesn't effect its appearance, as it still boasts the look and feel of a real potted plant. Most plants come unpotted, but you can call our customer support line and discuss planter options for a stylish addition to your order. Planters are sold separately.

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Height2.5', 4'
SpeciesElephants Ear
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