72inH Boxwood Cylinder Pillar Topiary, Indoor

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Décor that Reaches for the Sky

Talk about upward appeal! Measuring in at an impressive six feet in height, this artificial indoor boxwood is sure to stop traffic- or at least stop foot traffic. If you're looking for an indoor decorative piece that is sure to catch eyes then look no further than these too tall topiary plants. This particular boxwood creation features a sleek cylindrical shape, giving it the classic look of a pillar- the only one that is made from evergreen foliage rather than stone. Our versatile fake topiaries can be used in a number of indoor applications and also customized to meet your design needs. Simply give our customer support specialists a call and let us design your dream topiary.

No-Hassle Manicured Boxwoods

Let's face it: live evergreen topiaries simply aren't practical for indoor use. Aside from the fact that natural sunlight is often a hard-found commodity in most indoor spaces, the watering and trimming requirements for live boxwood shrubs can quickly get out of hand. And then there are the fallen leaves to worry about. With this fake boxwood we take all of the worry out of your decorative topiary ventures. This faux shrubbery keeps its healthy fullness all year round without dropping a single leaf. All of our artificial topiaries are made from super high quality faux materials that are crafted to replicate real living, growing greenery. Built on a sturdy metal frame, this lush topiary gives you all the color and texture of the real thing.

Large Decorative Topiary Plants

Add an intriguing vertical element to any interior space with this tall evergreen pillar. Casters can be added to this oversized topiary to make frequent redecorating easier. Or you can install this attractive topiary in a large decorative pot to give it a "planted" look. Whether you are designing a topiary garden or simply want a single accent piece in an empty corner, this boxwood cylinder is sure to make a statement.

More Information
Height 6'
Width 18"
Color Green
Shape Pillars
Species Boxwood
Type Topiary
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