20in., 21in. Or 30in. Creeping Charlie Bush


Taming the Wild Creeping Charlie

While wild Creeping Charlie- an evergreen member of the mint family- can be a bit of a nuisance to control in the home garden, it actually makes a stunning addition to indoor spaces when displayed in attractive planter pots. With our Creeping Charlie plants you will never have to worry about prolific foliage getting out of hand because they are artificial (even though they look unbelievably realistic). This bushy plant features a profusion of waxy dark green leaves that are round in shape. A dense artificial bush, this Gill-Over-the-Ground plant is a great way to add a burst of natural green appeal to stuffy indoor spaces.

Why Choose Indoor Artificial Bushes

If you've ever tried to cultivate Creeping Charlie and other outdoor plants in your home living room or kitchen you know what a headache it can be to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Even for the most skilled gardener, keeping up with the watering and clipping tasks can seem a bit daunting, especially if you are the type who works or travels a lot. Live Creeping Charlie- also known as Ground Ivy or Runaway Robin- requires particular soil, humidity, and light requirements if grown successfully indoors. Who has the time? With our lifelike artificial bushes we give you that evergreen look you love without any of the hassle.

Versatile Green Artificial Foliage

This green trailing plant has a versatile appeal that allows it to fit in with any room's existing decorative style. You can't go wrong with simple, deep green foliage! We offer this Creeping Charlie bush in three different sizes, 20," 21," or 30" so that you can match it well with large or small planters, limited or wide open interior spaces. These vivacious plants look lovely when spilling forth from hanging planter, both free hanging and wall mounted. Or allow them to sprawl out from your favorite planter.

More Information
Height 20", 21", 30"
Sizes 20", 21", 30"
Color Green
Flower Color Green
Type Bush
Species Creeping Charlie
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