Duraleaf Boxwood Indoor Artificial Hedge in Modern Fiberglass Planter 48inLx 12inW

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Tired of looking at the same old metal and brick flats used to partition interior spaces? Our Duraleaf Boxwood hedges break away from the boring and offer a new vibrant energy to your indoor commercial or office space. Now available in modern fiberglass planters, these hedges are sure to add visual appeal to your space while also serving a myriad of purposes. You can choose from over twenty planter colors in four finishes, ensuring that you will find the perfect hue to go with your décor. The sleek, straight lines of these planters lend an air of contemporary elegance, while the real-looking shrubbery lifts the spirits. Duraleaf strives for the best possible realism when it comes to artificial plants, while also offering a product that will stand up to maximum exterior or interior exposure for years to come.

These hedges are not only great decorative additions to your space; they also offer practical use. Available in heights up to 96", these 48" long hedges can serve as partitions for designating spaces, barriers for directing traffic, privacy screens for special areas, or cover for unsightly views. The lightweight fiberglass planters are easy to transport, making them perfect as moveable walls for special events.

More Information
Length 4'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Boxwood
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