72inH Cone Topiary, Indoor

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What does a 72-inch cone topiary say about your business? That you like tall cone-shaped plants and you aren't afraid it o admit it. And as elegant and sleek as the plant is, there is no reason for you to apologize for your choice of plant displays. These artificial plants are ideal for making a bold statement bot indoors or outside. Use them in the garden or to grace each side of the entrance to your building, or bring them indoors and decorate an auditorium, lobby or waiting area. The plants are fire-retardant so they can be used safely in a variety of areas, and you have the option of including either a pvc or fiberglass container which makes moving the plants easier.

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Length 12"
Height 6'
Width 12"
Color Green
Shape Cone
Species Boxwood
Type Topiary
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