3' Outdoor Artificial Bougainvillea-Fuchsia

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Fuchsia Artificial Outdoor Flowers

A native plant to the sunny beaches of coastal Brazil, the profusely blooming Bougainvillea plants bring an eye-catching splash of color to the scenery. And now you can enhance your own outdoor scenery with vibrant fuchsia color with our Bougainvillea artificial outdoor flowers and fake vines. With these stunning artificial hanging flowers you don't need a sunny coastal climate, all you need is a discerning eye for style and a blank space to hang them. This long outdoor artificial Bougainvillea vine can be used to fill window boxes and planters. It can even be "planted" directly in the ground for a real "growing" effect.

Weather-Resistant Fake Vines

Each outdoor artificial Bougainvillea vine is handcrafted to meet the highest standards of botanical accuracy, designed with actual plants as an example. This Bougainvillea plant features 18 clusters of lively fuchsia-colored flowers that are hyper-realistic right down to the tiny stamens inside each bloom. Each vine also features over 100 leaves in various shades of green to give it the look of real foliage that is growing and changing. These outdoor artificial plants are made from a polyethylene blend that is inherently UV-resistant. For years out in the sun these beautiful flowers won't lose their lustrous color.

Artificial Hanging Flowers for Window Boxes

Real Bougainvillea, while hardy, thrives best in warm, sunny locations. We know that these climate specifications aren't always possible for homeowners. That's why we offer these faux plants that will stay showy even in the dead of winter, allowing you to enhance your façade with eye-catching color. Our fake vines are designed to be versatile enough for clumping, climbing, or cascading displays. These pink artificial hanging flowers are perfect for window boxes and terraces on upper stories that are hard to reach for traditional plant maintenance. They also look fantastic in hanging baskets that adorn front porches, patios, and gardens or sprawling over doorways and trellises.

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Length 12"
Height 36"
Species Bougainvillea
Color Fuchsia
Flower Color Fuchsia
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