8in.H Tall Wild- Grass Mat 10in. Green - Indoor

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The Sago Palm Bush - faux plants cost less than most other decorating choices and they offer a guarantee of positively enhancing the perception of your property and corporate image. And this plant also offers a tropical vibe anywhere it's placed. So whether you actually live in a tropical region, or you're just dreaming about warmer weather and sunny beaches, this stylish palm is sure to please. Additionally, while real palm trees can be finicky about the weather and watering, this one never turns brown or drops leaves. It also never requires any watering at all, and it will always maintain its attractive and healthy appearance. You'll also experience no pruning, and it will never outgrow its container, which is sold separately upon request.

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Length 10"
Height 8"
Color Green
Species Grass
Type Grass Foliage Tiles
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