English Ivy Indoor Artificial Hedge 24in.L x 12in.W

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Spreading across a garden wall, or climbing up a classical façade, ivy brings to mind the romantic splendor of times gone by. Bring the elegance of English ivy to your interior space with our indoor artificial hedges. These hedges are the perfect solution when you are looking for an attractive way to partition spaces, direct traffic, create a private space, or block unsightly views. Picture a quaint café patio enclosed in lush ivy hedges. Imagine a hotel reception room given new life with natural green shrubbery. Even shopping malls, corporate offices, and high-end homes can add a touch of hassle-free classiness with these artificial hedges.

Artificial Plants Unlimited manufactures these English ivy indoor artificial hedges with the goal of maintaining optimal realness while also being sturdy enough for a commercial setting. Featuring a 3-inch thick two-tone foliage with leaves that lighten toward the tips, these hedges look just like living plants that are sporting new growth. These artificial plants have partial UV protection, making them great for window displays or indoor areas with partial sun exposure. And with a custom manufactured iron core skeleton, these shrubberies will last for years and years without danger of rusting or falling apart.

More Information
Length 2'
Width 12"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Ivy
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