26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Purple

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If you love the delicate graceful look of twining, climbing floral vines but don't have the space or time to maintain live plants, our fake morning glory flowers are the perfect solution for you. Featuring artificial purple flowers and glossy green foliage made from durable fabric material, these long-lasting vines are rated for indoor or outdoor use. A flexible metal wire core is surrounded by UV protected plastic for an appeal that is both realistic and durable. Bunch or spread the vine to achieve the exact look you are going for.

Whether you use these fake morning glory flowers to bring life to an urban café patio, a lackluster office reception area or outdated hotel lobby, you can be sure to get the beauty of real plants without any of the mess or maintenance. No watering, fertilizing, pruning, or replacing. These realistic vines will bring years of carefree floral elegance!

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Height 26"
Species Morning Glory
Color Purple
Flower Color Purple
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