26in. Morning Glory Vine, Outdoor Rated - Pink

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A true symbol of summer, morning glories have long been revered for their delicate beauty and resilient nature. Now you can enjoy these morning-blooming flowers any time of day- and in any season- with our realistic faux morning glories. Each lush 26" vine features pink flowers with striking yellow centers. Made with fabric construction, these vines have an extremely authentic look when compared with most outdoor rated faux plants.

Bring fresh new life to boring commercial, office, or dining spaces with these dazzling faux morning glories. The UV protected inner wire allows you to manipulate the vines to meet your design needs. Some ways you can use them include:

  • Twine them up trellises
  • Drape them across doorways and archways
  • Cluster them in decorative planters<
  • Allow them to spill out from window boxes
  • Use them as table decorations for hospitality events
  • Stunning natural appeal with zero maintenance!

More Information
Height 26"
Species Morning Glory
Color Pink
Flower Color Pink
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