26in. Morning Glory Vine, Partial Exposure UV Rated - Yellow

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Partial Exposure UV - Not rated for full sun exposure.
Best used in shaded areas.

Bring new life to a lackluster office or business space with our eye-catching faux morning glory vines. These indoor or outdoor artificial plants are just the thing to add a pop of color and a unique natural touch to dull and uninspired spaces. These maintenance-free plants are great for:

  • Restaurant dining rooms and patios
  • Office reception areas
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Front doors and foyers
  • Entertaining and hospitality events
Add decorative beauty to your indoor or outdoor space without the hassle of messy plant maintenance, or the cost of planting year after year. Each artificial plant is made with a strong UV protected metal wire core, allowing you to manipulate the morning glory vines to your own unique application. Spread them out to sprawl across a door or entryway; twine them around a trellis; or allow them to spill forth from a window box or planter.

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Height 26"
Species Morning Glory
Color Yellow
Flower Color Yellow
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