26in. Yucca Bush - Green/Red|Indoor

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  • Made of plastic - indoor rated
  • Green Yucca bush with red edge
  • 26 inches tall x 21"-25" approximate width
  • 48 leaves
  • Ships with a bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Southwestern Indoor Artificial Plants

    Transport your living room to rustic Latin America with our incredibly realistic faux Yucca bush. The long, slender leaves of this tropical evergreen shrub bring to mind images of quaint Mexican villages, scenic desert sunsets, and Caribbean beaches. With full foliage spanning over two feet, this indoor artificial Yucca plant can stand alone in a decorative planter or vase to add a unique focal point to your décor. For living spaces, hallways, foyers or kitchens, these lifelike indoor artificial plants make an attractive alternative to live plants. They also work well in hotel and business reception areas, upscale boutiques, and restaurants.

    Plants for Home or Commercial Display

    Native to the Southwestern United States, Yucca plants love warm, sunny weather. This might make it a little difficult for cultivating your own Yucca bushes indoors in some applications, especially in spaces that receive little to no actual sunlight. But don't fret; with our artificial Yucca plants you can display this organic greenery anywhere you like, from windowless shopping malls to office cubicles, to powder rooms. Indoor artificial plants take all of the guesswork and maintenance load out of displaying natural green arrangements indoors. Our fake Yucca plants will never require watering or feeding and they will never die off, eliminating care and cleanup costs.

    "Planting" Your Faux Yucca Bush

    This indoor artificial tropical plant features a single Yucca rosette with a multitude of sword-like leaves that span out in every direction. The waxy green leaves have an eye-catching blaze of crimson red around their edges, lending extra visual interest to this already engaging plant. Each faux Yucca rosette comes attached to a sturdy, realistic stem that makes it easy to "plant" this Yucca wherever you need a touch of green. Simply fill your planter with rocks or soil and slip the plant in, arranging rocks, moss, or soil in an organic spread around the base.

    More Information
    Height 26"
    Width 21"
    Sizes Large: 22"+
    Color Green, Red
    Material Plastic
    In Planter No
    Type Succulent
    Species Grass, Succulent, Yucca
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