6in. Wide Echeveria - Green|Indoor

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An Abundance of Decorating Possibilities

Let your creativity soar with these versatile little indoor artificial succulents. Our small faux Echeveria plants have an incredibly adaptable quality to them that allows them to blend in with any type of décor and any container garden arrangement. They can also be used simply on their own to make a chic natural statement on a table, desk, or windowsill. These decorative fake succulents feature everything you love about the popular Echeveria succulent plant without any of the maintenance or gardening care required of live plants. Add one or a dozen of these waxy green plants to your cart and set your inner gardener free.

Botanically Accurate Fake Succulents

Succulent plants are easy to grow indoors for most novice gardeners, but there is still the daunting task of continual care that can become a headache for those who are often on the go. Why waste time with live plants when the artificial alternative is just as attractive? Our indoor artificial succulents are handcrafted with the highest botanical accuracy, using real plants as a reference. Though they are made from commercial-quality manmade materials, you would have to look pretty closely to see that Mother Nature didn't create these Echeveria rosettes. Plump, waxy spade-shaped leaves display a variety of green hues and irregular sizes to perfectly imitate reality.

Displaying Indoor Artificial Succulents

Since these fake succulents don't require sunlight, watering, or trimming you are free to place them in any indoor location you please. Windowless shopping centers and office cubicles aren't a problem for these hearty fake Echeveria plants. Choose a small decorative planter pot to display a single rosette (decorative stones are an added aesthetic boost). Or add these Echeveria plants to succulent arrangements in large planters, terrariums, living walls. You can even create a unique succulent wreath for your front door!

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