21in. Sword Grass Bush - Yellow/Green|Indoor

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Use code 12 92 13 (& 12 92 00)
  • Artificial Sword Grass bush is indoor rated and made of plastic
  • 21 inches tall x 10 inch approximate width
  • 84 green leaves
  • Ships with a 4" bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Sword grass is an incredibly unique plant with its dramatic blades that develop a curled or wavy edge as they reach toward the sky. The sharp edges of the living grass can be dangerous, however, making them very difficult to care for in an indoor planter. Our Sword Grass Bush lets you get the look of a living plant in a safe, durable form that will look handsome in a planter. The blades are shown in a mix of yellow and green with the lighter hues used toward the center of the plant to represent new growth. The bush is 21 inches tall.

    More Information
    Height 21"
    Width 10"
    Sizes Medium: 13"-21"
    Color Green and Yellow
    Material Plastic
    In Planter No
    Type Grass
    Species Grass
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