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The decorating concept of 'bringing the outdoors' in has become increasingly popular among interior designers and crafty homeowners for a reason. Indoor plants are a low cost, high impact way to really pack a punch with your decorating scheme. Whether you have a closet-sized apartment or a ten-bedroom manse to beautify, adding colorful foliage is the ideal way to accent your décor. And because of its small size- just over a foot in height- this artificial succulent branch is a great place to start. Used alone or grouped with other succulents, the decorating possibilities are endless.

Unique yet simple, this petite green succulent is easy to fit in to any design scheme. This stunningly lifelike artificial succulent features tube-shaped leaves in a variety of sizes to best resemble a true live plant. The two-tone green fades from light to dark at the leaf tips to give the impression of continual growth. And because it's made from artificial materials this succulent couldn't be easier to maintain. With our indoor fake succulents you never need to worry about getting someone to water your plants when you're away. You never have to worry about insect infestation, fertilizing, repotting, or placing plants in just the right spot to get the ideal amount of sun. This quirky little succulent will be happy no matter where you plant it.

For a simple, elegant touch this indoor artificial succulent works well standing alone in a tabletop planter. Burrow it into Spanish or sphagnum moss for a natural look, or fill a glass bowl or planter with decorative stones or gravel for a more ornamental appeal. These upright succulents also work wonderfully when grouped with other varieties of succulents. For a stunningly unique vertical display hang different sizes and shapes of succulents in hanging planters or in a green wall conduit.

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Height 13"
Species Succulent
Color Green
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