30in. Nat Touch Zamia Plant - Green|Indoor

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Realistic Indoor Faux Succulents

Lend a natural touch to your indoor décor with this delightful little artificial Zamia plant. With a simple look, this brushy little Zamia succulent plant is easy to fit into any type of interior décor. You don't have to have a tropical or woodsy theme to add a touch of natural elegance with our attractive faux succulents since they are incredibly versatile. Shipped to you unpotted, you can simply place this artificial Zamia in your favorite pot- or purchase one from our online collection to match your existing or prospective décor. Artificial houseplants add an uplifting sense of elegance to your décor without any maintenance requirements.

A Plant with a History

This simple little leafy plant actually has quite a bit of a back story. In fact, it's story goes way, way back. Zamia are a member of the genus cycad, which includes plants that were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This long-surviving plant is incredibly hearty- as you would expect since it's still around today- making it popular for both outdoor and indoor ornamental gardening. Zamia plants are also called Cardboard Palm because of their tropical nature, yet they are distinctly different from your average palm tree. With stunning botanical realism, we created this fake Zamia just like the real thing, including the multiple waxy round leaves that grow profusely along each slender frond.

Artificial Living Wall Plants

Artificial tropical palms and succulents make exceptional houseplants because of their versatile nature, expressing simple, straightforward natural elegance. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these plants can be arranged in a multitude of ways both in individual planters and in hanging green walls. Combine this faux Zamia with other succulent varieties in our collection of artificial living wall plants to create a one-of-a-kind focal point for your wall. Artificial living walls bring all the natural splendor of the outdoors without the need for watering, clipping, or cleanup.

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Height 30"
Species Succulent, Zamia
Color Green
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