15in. Guzmania Bromeliad - Red/Green, Indoor

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  • Made from silk (polyester) material for indoor use
  • 15 inches tall x 14 inch approximate width
  • Has 9 green leaves and a red bloom
  • Ships with a bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • The Guzmania bromeliad exudes the beauty of a sun-drenched tropical landscape, making it a popular inclusion in tabletop and floor planters in indoor commercial settings; however, bromeliads often bloom just once and never produce flowers again. When you use the Artificial Red and Green Guzmania inside of a planter, you'll be treated to a year-round flower in vivid scarlet red. The leaves are perfectly rendered with an eye-catching sheen in a mix of green hues to enhance the realism. Measuring 15 inches in height, the bromeliad has a short, single stem and can be arranged in bunches to add even more color to your interior design.

    More Information
    Height 15"
    Width 14"
    Sizes Medium: 13"-21"
    Color Green, Red
    Flower Color Red
    In Planter No
    Type Flowering
    Species Bromeliad
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