8' Fishtail Palm Tree - Green|Indoor

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  • Indoor rated artificial plant made of silk (polyester) material
  • 8ft tall x 48 inch approximate width
  • Decorative pot sold separately
  • Has 772 leaves and natural wood trunk
  • Ships with a weighted base so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Artificial Fishtail Palms for Tropical Décor

    You can almost hear the crashing waves and ukuleles playing in the distance when you look at these delightful tropical artificial Fishtail Palms. Handcrafted to look just like the real thing, our artificial palm trees have the distinct variation in color, natural texture, and varied cane heights that you would expect to see in a live plant. Indoor potted plants add a natural brightness to your environment, even when they are made from artificial materials. There's just something about bright, lively greenery that lifts the spirits. And since this tropical palm tree is reminiscent of sandy beaches, it's sure to give your room a more relaxed, peaceful feel.

    Unique Privacy Screening Plants

    The Fishtail Palm is a tree like no other in its family, making it immensely popular for decorative display. It gets this unique look thanks to its distinctive leaves that are shaped like the tails on fish. Like the rest of our faux palm trees, the artificial Fishtail Palm displays waxy green foliage dispersed among a number of upright canes. Standing eight feet tall, this fake palm is perfect for adding privacy screening, dividing up large spaces, or adding a natural focal point. Since they are not overly dense palm trees, allowing roughly 50-75% visibility, you will still see what is on the other side. These trees look fantastic in front of windows and will not fade due to sunlight indoors.

    Realistic Fishtail Palm for Sale Online

    You can find various sizes of Fishtail Palms for sale in our online collection (as well as a number of other palm and tropical varieties) and rest assured that you've found the highest-quality artificial plants available anywhere on the web. Our skilled artisans strive for the utmost natural accuracy with the creation of these palm plants. Using top-grade materials, these fake palm trees are crafted to last for years indoors. Each plant comes unpotted so that you can choose your favorite display planter.

    More Information
    Height 8'
    Width 48"
    Trunk Natural
    Color Green
    Material Silk
    Species Palm
    Type Tree
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