6.5' Ficus Retusa Tree - Green|Indoor

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  • Made from silk (polyester) material for indoor use
  • 6.5ft tall x 19 inch approximate width
  • Comes with a natural wood trunk (debarked)
  • Decorative pot sold separately
  • Has 2700 green leaves for a lush and full look
  • Ships with a 7"H x 8"W weighted base so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • The 6.5' Ficus Retusa Tree makes for botanically correct to fit into almost any environment, adding a bit of vibrant greenery to your home, office, or commercial location. It's easy to clean and maintain, since you won't have any of the normal upkeep you'd expect from an actual plant. For instance, you'll never have to water it, and there is no pruning or trimming back to contend with. Plus, unlike a real tree, it'll never outgrow the container you place it in. This Ficus will look great with any of our faux under plantings providing the experience of the great outdoors insid.

    All plants ship unpotted unless otherwise specified in the title or description, but you will find a wide assortment of fashionable pots planters, and other accessories right here on our site - sold separately.

    More Information
    Height 6.5'
    Width 19"
    Trunk Natural
    Color Green
    Material Silk
    Species Ficus
    Type Tree
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