7in. Fat Sedum Bush - Green|Indoor

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Stress-Free Ornamental Indoor Succulents

After trying your hand at indoor gardening you might think it can't get any easier than growing sedum. Well think again because it can. Just take these artificial sedum plant for example. The obvious advantage of our fake ornamental indoor succulents is that you will never have to spend the first minute watering, repotting, or otherwise maintaining them. If the daily task of caring for live plants seems a bit daunting for your indoor decorative ventures (or if you are simply on the go often), these artificial fat sedum bushes- also called jelly bean sedum- are the perfect choice for your decorating scheme.

Artificial Sedum Plants in Arrangements

Place this artificial foundational sedum plant next to a living one and see if you can tell the difference. Our guess is that, unless you have an incredibly discerning eye, you won't know which is which. That's because our artificial plants are handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail and the highest quality materials to give you the utmost in botanical realism. This fake fat sedum showcases a profusion of plum round leaves on stems that branch out at all angles. Mint green foliage with touches of white add to the natural realism. These 7" sedum plants make a great filler specimen for succulent and other arrangements. They can even combined with live arrangements and living walls for a finishing touch.

Faux Succulents in Home Décor

Sedum and other indoor succulents have increasingly grown in popularity in recent years. Not only do they offer a wide variety of colors, textures, and sizes, but succulents are an easy way to add spirit-lifting greenery to your indoor scenery. Since they are so unique in character, succulents can be used in any type of décor. They allow you to create one-of-a-kind focal points for windowsills, tables, counters and shelves when paired with the perfect pot.

More Information
Height 7"
Sizes 7"
Color Green
Type Succulent
Species Aloe, Succulent
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