5' Cycas Palm Cluster - Green|Indoor

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  • Decorative pot sold separately
  • Made from silk (polyester) material for indoor locations
  • 24 green cycas palm fronds
  • 5ft tall x 60 inch approximate width
  • Ships with bare stem to "plant" in your favorite container
  • Found in tropical regions, the Cycas palm is one of the most unique palm trees ever discovered. The palm reproduces with spores like a fern, and its origins have been traced back all the way to the times of the dinosaurs. With the Cycas Palm Cluster, you can add the lush beauty of this tropical plant to your indoor commercial space in a form that will never require watering or pruning to look its best. Standing at 60 inches in width and 36 inches in height, the palm tree features small, flat leaflets on its gracefully weeping fronds.

    More Information
    Length 60"
    Height 5'
    Width 60"
    Color Green
    Material Silk
    Species Cycas Palm, Palm
    Type Bush, Cluster, Tree
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