42in. Bougainvillea Bush - Cream, Indoor

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  • Total height of 42" with 134 cream blooms and 382 green leaves
  • Ships with a bare stem so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Approximately 15" in width after "fluffing"
  • Made of silk (polyester) material for indoor use
  • Classic Romance with White Hanging Flowers

    Like a tropical bird or the quintessential peacock, the showy Bougainvillea plant loves to strut is stuff for all to see. Featuring dense trailing foliage speckled with attractive cream-colored flowers, this Bougainvillea plant is a sure way to draw eyes to your walls, doorways, windows, or anywhere that a touch of playful floral life is needed. And the best part is that this large Bougainvillea plant is artificial, meaning that it will keep its handsome appearance all year long--and for many years to come at that. This profusion of creamy white hanging flowers and glossy vines instantly increases the aesthetic value of your indoor space, especially when displayed in a decorative wall-mount planter.

    Lifelike Artificial Indoor Flowers

    Like artificial outdoor flowers, these indoor bushes are a splendid alternative to the real thing when you don't have the time or talent for cultivating picky horticultural varieties. Once you see the amazing texture, color, and fullness of this fake Bougainvillea bush you'll never want to bother with live plants again. Artificial plants and vines are a maintenance-free solution for brightening your indoor décor. Aside from the occasional dusting, these artificial plants will never need the first bit of care. This means no watering, no feeding, no clipping and deadheading, no repotting, and no transporting for winter storage.

    Fake Bougainvillea for Commercial Decorating

    Though not UV-rated for outdoor use, these artificial Bougainvillea plants are perfectly safe for use in windows or on doors without fear of fading. For retail spaces, our white flowering Bougainvillea are an attractive way to dress up window displays. They bring a sense of upscale elegance with their simple, clean beauty. Our long-lasting Bougainvillea vines are also a popular decorative element for catering, entertaining, and hospitality companies. They can be moved and manipulated as needed and are perfect for displaying on walls and trellises, in decorative planters, or sprawled across tables set with white linens.

    More Information
    Height 42"
    Width 15"
    Sizes Large: 22"+
    Color Cream
    Material Silk
    Flower Color Cream
    In Planter No
    Type Flowering, Hanging Plants
    Species Bougainvillea
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