7' Bamboo Tree - Two Tone Green|Indoor

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The 7' Bamboo Tree enhances the work environment with tropical scenery, allowing your work space to become more vibrant and alive with its serene and relaxing vibes. Having plants around the office has shown to increase your worker productivity, and this artificial option allows you to take advantage of this fact without all the added maintenance. Who has time for watering and pruning?

Bamboo often requires scrupulous care, but this option maintains its fashionable look without all the upkeep. In most cases, real bamboo also easily outgrows its planter and chokes out other plants, but this one will continue to fit where you want it to for years into the future. While our planters are sold separately, and this items comes unpotted, you'll find that we have a large selection of items that easily enhance your new plant, and we'll even plant it for you.

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Height 7'
Trunk Natural
Color Green
Material Plastic
Species Bamboo
Type Tree
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