51in. Anthurium Plant - Two Tone Green|Indoor

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Product Overview:

  • Made from silk (polyester) material for indoor locations
  • 17 natural touch leaves, 2 buds with synthetic trunk
  • 51 inches tall x 57 inch approximate width
  • Ships with a weighted base so you can "plant" in your favorite container

What could be more welcoming than vibrant, lush greenery enlivening your space with beautiful greenery? Make customers and visitors feel right at home with the comforting beauty of fake plants. Even if your home or office space isn't exactly conducive to cultivating live plants, our artificial shrubs bring a refreshing taste of the outdoors. This incredibly lifelike Anthurium plant brings a tropical vibe to your décor. At over four feet in height, with a broad leaf span, this artificial plant is an instant upgrade to your existing décor.

Waxy green leaves spray forth from a texturally marvelous trunk, making this an artificial plant you just want to reach out and feel. Two-tone foliage adds to the realistic appeal of our Anthurium, giving the impression of new growth toward the center of the plant and older leaves on the outside. Slim, spiky spadix protrude from amid lush spade-shaped leaves, adding to the stunning realness of this artificial shrub. Made from high-quality materials, our artificial Anthurium are guaranteed to last for years in your indoor space. Unlike live plants, you won't have to worry about watering, fertilizing, pest control, or repotting. Simply place the Anthurium in your favorite planter and enjoy.

Artificial office plants are a great way to add some elegant style to your workspace. Studies show that indoor plants lift spirits and help to maintain good health. Boost company morale and impress clients with these tropical beauties. Since our fake Anthurium comes without a pot you get to choose the perfect planter to match your existing décor. Go simple or go dramatic, the choice is yours. These tall plants add a striking vertical effect when grouped with other indoor artificial plants of varying sizes. This luxuriant tropical plant is the perfect compliment to contemporary décor, adding a splash of texture and color to simple modern furnishings.

Plant ships unpotted. Call to request a container.

More Information
Height 51"
Type Bush
Material Silk
Species Anthurium
Color Green
In Planter No
Trunk Fabricated
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