18" Buckler Bromeliad Hanging Basket

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18-inch Buckler Bromeliad Hanging Basket
  • 4 - Artificial Buckler Fern Outdoor Rated
  • 1 - 22-inch Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad - Outdoor - Red
  • 2 - 22-inch Artificial Guzmania Bromeliad - Outdoor - Fuchsia

It's easy to give any setting a tailored, put together look with these commercial hanging baskets. They feature a buckler fern combined with vibrant red blossoms that are sure to capture attention. This plant is easily displayed along hotels, storefronts, or streets since it's not limited by garden or patio space. Just add your own decorative hooks, hangs from walls, or extend from lamp posts. Building exteriors or streets are instantly transformed, but without the hassles of using real plants. There's no watering to worry about, pruning requirements, or need for full sun. You'll also never have to clean up dead leaves to keep things tidy, and there is no risk of dripping from over watering or runoff.

These ferns are UV treated, so they won't fade in direct sun, giving you season after season of style. Each comes in a durable steel basket, and is mounting in spray foam with dirt coverage for an even more realistic look. The coconut coir liner and coconut husks are pieced together using real tree sap, and all materials are sourced from sustainable sources, making this an eco-friendly options for environmentally friendly consumers and businesses. While these plants are commercial grade, they also work wonders for homeowners looking for a lower maintenance option ,or those living in apartments or condos who have limited gardening space.

More Information
Diameter 18"
Type Pre-Populated Hanging Baskets
Material Coconut Coir, Metal
Shape Basket
Species Bromeliad, Buckler Fern, Fern
Color Fuchsia, Red
Flower Color Fuchsia, Red
In Planter Yes
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