Indoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds (Equisetum) - Individual

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Indoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds (Equisetum) - Individual

Starting at $3.85
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Give interior plantscapes a vertical boost using artificial horsetail reeds. Based on Equisetum hyemale, a rough and rush-like reed, our fake plants take on all of the species' desirable qualities:

  • Diverse color profile – greens and yellows
  • Textural nodes along the stalk
  • Sleek, tall silhouette – great for bundling

Horsetail bamboo reeds lend well to all types of displays, in particular those working in narrow spaces. Gather small clusters to place in decorative vases, or take individual artificial horsetail reeds and disperse throughout larger arrangements. Great for DIY home interiors, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, and much more. And fake plants require no water, soil or fertilizer to thrive. Low-maintenance, lovely and ready to display on arrival.

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Product Type Hedge
Species Horsetail
Color Green
In Planter No
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Enjoy the look of horsetail bamboo reeds in a fully adaptable format with gorgeous replica plants. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, each individual stalk is created with the utmost attention to detail - from the right shade of green to each textural rib in the shoot. Display with confidence in DIY arrangements and commercial displays alike.

Artificial Horsetail Reeds for Authentic Plantscape Results

Incorporating fake plants into design is a smart, attractive way to achieve lasting impact. Once horsetail reeds are a part of your repertoire, they can go anywhere - from tall vases and low-profile planters, to creative floor applications. This longevity and ease is in large part the reason why we work with some many professional designers, homeowners and miscellaneous project planners on incorporating green reeds.

Versatile Products for Diverse Interiors

Faux horsetail reeds are sought after for a variety of reasons, so it only makes sense that the design be flexible enough to adapt. Fake plants are crafted using the highest-grade synthetic materials. And they're built to satisfy a range of specifications.

Taller horsetail bamboo reeds are ideal for introducing vertical drama to even out space and strike interior design balance. When joined at higher densities, groups of stalks bundled into arrangements can also double as privacy screens and room dividers.

Simply looking for a modern green accent? Equisetum reeds offer everything a cutting edge aesthetic calls for: plenty of clean lines and points of contrast to work with. Display uniformly or weave stalks into other modern plant arrangements.

Individual Reeds for Individual Style

Purchasing fake horsetail reeds by the stalk gives you total design control. With no pressure to buy more or less than a project calls for, DIY and professional designers alike are free to experiment at will, adjusting quantities as desired. Faux equisetum reeds also come in varying heights so it's possible to mix and match to any project's delight.