10in. X 10in. Cypress Mat Squares Brown - Indoor

Specification Division (CSI#)
Use code 12 92 13 (& 12 92 00)

No matter where you choose to apply it, our Artificial Cypress Mat Square will make a dramatic statement. The frilly foliage of this commercial grade artificial mat always commands attention, and its soft purple-red hue brings a splash of color to any decor. The foliage is tall and quite full, making it difficult to detect that it is mounted on a mat and not real, natural growth. Like all of our mat squares, the artificial cypress has an integrated interlocking design that allows you to easily snap together identical mats or mix and match mats from our wide selection of styles.

More Information
Length 10"
Height 2"
Color Green
Species Cypress
Type Foliage Tiles
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