Duraleaf Boxwood Indoor Artificial Hedge 24inLx 12inW

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The boxwood shrub has long been treasured for its lush greenery and ease of growth. These shrubs can be found in home gardens, public spaces, and commercial properties and add a natural beauty where manmade dividers would be unsightly. The only problem some gardeners find with live boxwood is the hassle of trimming and pruning this fast growing bush. With our Duraleaf boxwood hedge you will never have to worry about pruning again. This 24" long by 12" wide hedge comes readymade in the perfect rectangular shape. You get all the beauty of healthy boxwood without any of the maintenance.

The Duraleaf brand strives to create plants that maintain the highest possible realism. At the same time, these hedges are manufactured for maximum exterior exposure. Two foliage styles are used to make this hedge look like the real deal. The top of the hedge is made from Duraleaf Plush Boxwood Foliage tile. At 3" thick this has a luxurious natural feel. The sides of the hedge are Duraleaf 45 Degree Boxwood Foliage tile, which is mounted at an angle to make the leaves look as though they are reaching for the sun. No one will know this hedge isn't alive!

More Information
Length 2'
Width 12"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Boxwood
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