96in.L Jumbo Bamboo Grove in Modern Planter, Indoor

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Jumbo Bamboo Grove planters make the perfect functional and aesthetic piece for anyone who needs to screen an unwanted view or separate a large indoor space. These planters are easy to move and are ideal for trade shows, sporting events, or other indoor gatherings. While many commercial dividers are under 8' high, our 96" wide Jumbo Bamboo Grove is made in heights of 14', 19', and even a towering 24'. Each grove comes in a stylish modern 18" wide by 24" high fiberglass planter. You can choose from over 20 colors, real metal coatings, and a variety of textures to fit your style.

More Information
Height 14', 19', 24'
Trunk Fabricated
Color Green
Species Bamboo
Type Bamboo Grove
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