6'L Bamboo Indoor Artificial Grove in Modern Planter

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The charm and tranquil appeal of bamboo cannot be denied. With an Eastern flair that accentuates most any decor, and a serene feel that instantly enhances any living space, bamboo is a favorite among homeowners and designers the world over. Unfortunately, if you aren't an experienced grower, the maintenance required can be a little cumbersome. Bamboo grows quickly and can become too tall for indoor spaces, and precise watering techniques are needed to keep it looking its best. What's the gardening novice to do? This faux bamboo is a great alternative. It has an authentic look and feel that embodies everything you love about actual bamboo, but without any maintenance required at all. Just place the plant where you want it and you're done.

This plant features a long, slender planter for a modern look that enhances contemporary decor while also being simple enough to work well in more traditional settings. The bamboo grove combines numerous clusters with lush green leaves stemming from all directions for a truly healthy and authentic look. Each grove comes attached to a metal plate, which holds the plants upright effectively and durably. Choose from an array of planter colors - 20 in all - to easily coordinate it with your existing decor theme.

More Information
Length 6'
Height 4', 6', 8'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Bamboo
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