4'L Bamboo Indoor Artificial Grove in Modern Planter

Specification Division (CSI#)
Use code 12 92 13 (& 12 92 00)

Add a charming accent to your interior spaces with this planter filled with faux bamboo. A popular choice around the world, bamboo has an Asian flair that complements almost any decor. The artificial version is easy to care for, requires no watering, and will never grow out of control. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

This unique all-in-one solution starts with a Modern Fiberglass Planter, whose simple rectangular shape is available in over 20 colors. Inside the planter sits a metal base supporting tall artificial bamboo canes, which are spaced to create a privacy screen that still lets light filter through. Choose from yellow, green, or black bamboo canes. Dimensions: Planter 48"L x 12"W x 12"H. Select bamboo height of 48", 72", or 96".

Artificial bamboo is also sold by the individual cane or in clusters. You may also be interested in purchasing the easy-to-assemble bamboo grove without the planter.

More Information
Length 4'
Height 4', 6', 8'
Width 12"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Hedge
Species Bamboo
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