Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster in Planter, 9 Canes

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Ready-to-Go Bamboo Planter Combo

Included with its own contemporary planter and all ready to place wherever you need a touch of fresh greenery, this indoor artificial bamboo cluster is an instant decorative masterpiece. For modern décor, traditional décor, or an automatic fit in Asian-inspired themes, this simple potted bamboo is adaptable to any space. It is made from high quality materials that can handle commercial applications but is also a great accent piece for private homes. Tall, slender faux bamboo canes create the perfect privacy screening or a way to break up larger areas. With a customizable planter, these clusters also work great in foyers, hallways, and living rooms.

Lifelike Artificial Bamboo Cluster

Like all of our artificial flowers and plants, we hold our artificial bamboo clusters to the highest standards. Visitors will have to inspect them very closely to learn that they are not the real thing. Each individual cane features an array of slim leaves in natural colors. You can choose your hand-painted canes in one of three colors: yellow, green, or black. These highly durable commercial-grade faux plants are made to last for years and years after live bamboo has withered away. And unlike real bamboo plants you will never have to water, trim, or clean up after these artificial beauties.

Customize to Match Your Décor

These large clusters of artificial bamboo are a great way to create partial privacy screen or to block a view. They still let 50-75% of the view through so that you don't feel like you are blocked off from the rest of the scenery. Place this bamboo planter in front of a window for a stunning natural appeal as the sun filters through. Our nine-cane bamboo cluster is available in three different heights to meet your specific needs. And to match your own unique decorative scheme the modern round tapered planter (made from fiberglass) can be customized with a number of colors and finishes.

More Information
Height 4', 6', 8'
Diameter 18"
In Planter Yes
Color Green
Type Cluster
Species Bamboo
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