Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 9 Canes

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Commercial Artificial Bamboo Canes, Cluster of 9 Stalks

Want the beauty and aesthetic appeal of tropical bamboo, but without all the upkeep? That's what you get with our stunning faux bamboo arrangements. While real bamboo is great for creating a relaxed and laid back setting, or for partitioning off specified locations outdoors to create private sitting or dining areas, it's not always easy to take care of. It's requires lots of maintenance and meticulous care, which is something most people don't have the time or knowledge to deal with. Fortunately, these stalks offer a truly realistic appearance, but they don't require any maintenance or upkeep on your part. This makes them ideally suited for display outside businesses, homes, and commercial areas. They're particularly popular in hotel spas, casinos, or anywhere a serene vibe is appreciated.

These stalks are natural bamboo and designed for use indoors. While the foliage isn't UV protected, these plants will be safe near windows where sunlight comes in.

They come mounted in groups of 9 canes, and mounted to a metal plate which holds them upright. You might also consider placement in a planter (sold separately) for display indoors, along doorways, or anywhere you wish. We also offer custom mounting such as stakes - even allowing for individual cane placement!

Individual canes are also offered, so you can create a one of a kind display in the size you choose. Ask about additional custom options to fully personalize your experience: 888-320-0626

More Information
Height 48", 72", 96"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Cluster
Species Bamboo
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