Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 6 Canes

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Enjoy the beauty of bamboo without the work involved in growing real plants: Use these artificial bamboo plants instead. At home, in the office, or in a retail location, tall bamboo canes add an eye-catching vertical design element.

This cluster includes 6 artificial bamboo canes and a metal base plate that holds them upright. Drop the base into a planter or try other creative applications for a unique presentation. Select yellow, green, or black canes, and choose from 48", 72", and 96" heights.

Artificial bamboo is also sold by the individual cane and in wide "groves" that serve as privacy screens. You may also be interested in bamboo clusters in round planters, which have a polished look.

More Information
Height 48", 72", 96"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Cluster
Species Bamboo
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