Indoor Artificial Bamboo Cluster, 3 Canes

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Indoor Artificial Bamboo is commonly used in a variety of settings, and it's a popular choice for good reason. It's tall, and slender, which creates a striking elegance fitting for most any landscape design. It's also well-known for creating a serene and highly relaxed atsmophere, making it an optimum choice for spas, hotels, or cozy eateries. The downside is that real bamboo requires constant care - from watering to trimming, it's not an easy plant to care for, and most home and business owners don't have time or budgets for the upkeep. Fortunately, these artificial bamboo arrangements offer the look you love, but without any maintenance on your part. There is no watering to worry over, no trimming back to contend with, and no plants outgrowing their designated area.

This arrangement features three bamboo stalks in a bundle, combined with a metal plate stand which holds them upright for a healthy, vibrant appearance. These bamboo plants are recommended for use indoors, but are also available with UV blockers. If you want to create a custom bundle, these stalks are also sold by the piece, so you can create a unique privacy screen, or place them in groups around your landscaping for a truly one of a kind presentation.

Planters are also available (sold separately) for the display of bamboo clusters along doorways, near porches or patio, or even indoors, especially in larger and commercial buildings. Comes in green, yellow, and black stalk colors. Call to request custom groves or mounting plates or stakes built specifically for your project: 888-320-0626

More Information
Height 48", 72", 96"
In Planter No
Color Green
Type Cluster
Species Bamboo
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