3' Artificial Olive Tree Topiary - Indoor

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  • Made from plastic for indoor use
  • Decorative planter sold separately
  • 3ft tall x 21 inch width with natural wood trunk and 1040 tips
  • Ships with a weighted base so you can "plant" in your favorite container
  • Our Indoor 3' Artificial Olive Tree Topiary looks like it came straight from an orchard! This gorgeous artificial plant features dark green leaves and a sturdy stem. Very authentic-looking olives are nestled into each one of the faux tree's branches, making it appear even more real. We carry several different planter pot options for our Indoor 3' Artificial Olive Tree Topiary, such as a high-gloss black or white pot, a modern Victorian option, and a woven bamboo basket. No matter what sort of planter box you use, make sure to mount this tree using a material like floral foam.

    More Information
    Height 36"
    Width 21"
    Sizes Large: 22"+
    Color Green
    Shape Trees
    Species Olive
    Material Plastic
    Type Tree
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