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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use artificial plants and flowers?

The short answer is anywhere! Our premium-quality, artificial plants require little-to-no maintenance. Most are UV-rated so they won't fade outdoors. You won't have to worry about heat, cold or sunshine.

Are fake plants better than real plants?

There are many benefits and great reasons to use artificial plants in everday and commercial settings. Eliminate toxic threats to pets and children. Decrease allergic reactions. Reduce (or eliminate) plant maintenance costs. These are a few reasons why faux plants may be a better choice, and a better investment, than the real thing.

Can you put fake plants outside?

Yes, you can definitely use our artificial plants, faux living walls, and replica trees outdoors. Many of our artificial plants, shrubs, vines, bushes, and trees are manufactured with UV-rated materials to prevent the foliage and flowers from fading when subjected to extreme sunlight. However, not all artificial plants are rated for outdoor use, so please read the product details carefully.

What are the best artificial plants to block unsightly views or provide privacy?

Privacy planters and planter barriers don’t have to be boring! Make any commercial or residential space extra special with artificial hedges and partitions made with premium faux plants. Some of our favorites are boxwood, ivy, bamboo, birch, or even tall grasses or horstail reeds. Let us pre-populate planters with a custom plantscape providing immediate impact without assembly.